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Short course in Sports Massage - 2 Day Diploma - £399

Accredited Sports Massage Diploma Course
in Nottingham Nottinghamshire

Ideal For Beginners or as a refresher

Accredited for insurance purposes by: Accredited by the IICTAccredited by the INHA

Our 2 day intensive Sports Massage course is ideal if you have already studied body massage and wish to progress your understanding of therapeutic treatment. You will learn a form of Deep Tissue Massage, which is designed to give you the basic requisite understanding of the skills required to work as a Sports Massage Therapist on non-pathological tissue (non-injured).


Once you have completed this diploma course, you will be able to apply preventative and post-event treatment that encourages the health of both muscles and connective tissue, help improve the range of your client’s movement as well as the tone, symmetry, balance of muscle and quality of posture.


This course will help to develop your understanding of the theory that forms the foundation for Sports Massage Therapy. Subjects that will be studied along with the course include nutrition, classification of sports injuries and the various stages of healing. In addition, you will develop the understanding, skills and techniques that will allow you to plan, prepare for and apply a range of sports massage methods to your uninjured clients.


You need to have a qualification in body massage in order to participate with this course.


Questions and answers

  • Is this course suitable for beginners?

    No. You need to have a qualification in body massage in order to attend this course.

  • Who accredits this course?
    The IICT & INHA.
  • Which companies offer me insurance with this Diploma?
    Many choices from reputable industry recognised insurers including:
    Westminster Indemnity, Towergate, IICT.
  • Will this Diploma allow me to practice professionally?
    Yes, all of our courses are suitable for professional practice. And once you have acquired insurance cover our Diplomas allow you to offer treatments from your home, from your salon or as a mobile therapist and charge for this service.
  • Is there time to learn all of the techniques in only 2 days?

    Yes of course. Our classes are small (between 2-8 participants) and so you'll receive focused guidance and individual attention from our teacher. You will also be taught a complete therapy treatment routine for delivering to your clients. And because students practice upon one another, you will also experience for yourself how amazing and effective this treatment can be.

  • Will I learn everything I need?

    You will learn the same practical skills as with a longer course but you'll need to practice the treatment routine upon friends and family, using your manual and (where available) our on-line tutorial videos for further assistance after your practical training in order to perfect the techniques.

  • Can I come back and refresh my memory of practical skills?

    You're always welcome to return and attend only the practical training again. This is known as a refresher course and allows you to brush up on the techniques you have learned with us. Refresher courses are only available to students who have previously completed their course with us, and substantial discounts are offered.

  • Is this a level 3 course?

    No, this is a Diploma course. Diploma courses are also known as ‘short courses’ or ‘fast-track training’. However, the treatment techniques you'll learn are similar, and in some cases more extensive than on a level 3 course.

  • Do I need a level 3 qualification?
    No, you don't need a level 3 qualification in order to deliver this therapy professionally. However, some employers and some London Borough Councils may specify a level 3 qualification as a requirement.
  • What preparations do I need to do before my course?
    You will be provided with your manual in PDF format and once you’ve read it you will be able to complete your on-line test paper, a simple, multiple choice test with 45 questions. Our administration team will also chat with you to let you know what to bring so that you are perfectly prepared and have a great time.

We provide 2 options for training

  • short courses weekends and week days
  • mixed classes

  • All our classes (unless otherwise stated) are mixed: This means that both males and females can attend.
  • massage training qualifications and insurance
  • bespoke training

  • We can arrange bespoke courses for solo or groups of people: friends, family or colleagues at any of our UK venues.
  • Quick Overview

  • Sports massage Diploma.
    Friendly & informal instruction.
    Small class numbers.
    Individual attention from your tutor.
    Easy & fun to learn.
    You need a qualification in body massage in order to participate with this course

  • How It Works

  • The theory test: Study your course manual at home and complete a theory test paper online. You can retake the test as many times as you like until you reach the pass mark and at no extra charge.


    2 days practical: Starting at 10am and finishing at 5pm you will be taught all of the practical skills you will need to deliver a range of sports massage treatments. There is no practical test. Instead we assess your understanding and ability of each treatment technique as it is taught. Students practice upon one another so no need to bring a massage model.

    Course Modules

    This is the background and theory that you study from home and then complete an online test paper before attending your practical training. It is easily completed with between 8-12 hours of study time. For some people it may take a little longer.

    Module 1
    Introduction to Sports massage therapy


    Module 2
    The role of the Sports massage therapist
    Limitations and referrals


    Module 3
    Effects and benefits in detail


    Module 4
    Indications for Sports massage
    Postural assessment


    Module 5

    Module 6
    Classifications of injuries

    Module 7
    Pre exercise: warm up
    After exercise: cool down
    Re-assessing clients


    Module 8
    Setting up for treatment
    Client preparation
    Informed consent
    Before and after treatment protocols
    Massage mediums


    Module 9
    Sports massage techniques

    Module 10
    Front body massage
    Back body massage
    Massage techniques at a glance

    Reference material
    How to use your manual before and after training
    Treatment options
    Pre-event massage
    Post-event massage
    Massage during training
    The importance of correct breathing
    Posture and postural defects
    Gender-specific characteristics
    Categories of body shape
    Notes on body weight
    Muscle fatigue 
    Nutrition and hydration

    Additional information
    Suggested reading and reference material
    Your notes and questions
    Client consultation form

    Diploma Accreditation & Insurance

    Therapy Training School is an approved training provider, and our training courses throughout the UK are recognised and accredited for insurance purposes by UK governing bodies such as: The International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and the INHA. Insurance can also be obtained for the UK via Towergate Insurance and Westminster Indemnity. You will be able to practice as a self-employed therapist or mobile therapist. Always check with your potential employer (or local council) to ensure that this Diploma will be accepted by them.

    Accredited by the IICTAccredited by the INHA

    More Information

    Course practical: 2 days
    Test paper: Complete online from your home
    Accreditation: IICT
    Membership & Insurance: Available from IICT
    Insurance: Also available from Westminster Indemnity, or Towergate Insurance
    Suitable for: Private practice, self-employed, mobile therapist and most types of employment
    Previous experience: You need a qualification in body massage


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    Solo Tuition Available

    Costs start from £590

    We offer one-to-one training options for those of you who are always mega busy with work and lifestyle activities.


    It's worth keeping in mind that we can deliver bespoke training for you in just TWO DAYS in sports massage at most of our venues.

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