Step-By-Step Guide for Solo Training Courses

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  • Step 1 - Registration

  •   Register online, let us know your prefered venue and dates for training. We then confirm the training date for you. You then make payment to secure the course date.
      Read your manual and then complete the online multiple choice theory test paper.
      You don't have to practice the therapy techniques before the day of practical training.

    More about registering
  • 1. Course dates are limited so book early
  • 2. You can pay online or via telephone
  • 3. Wait for your student password to be emailed to you then log-in to student area
  • 4. Download & read the course guidance notes
  • 5. You can download & print the course manual at home
  • 6. You can also purchase a printed manual and this takes up to 10 days to arrive in the post
  • 7. Read your manual at least 2 or 3 times
  • 8. Then download the test paper questions and make a note of your answers
  • 9. Then complete the multiple choice test paper online
  • 10. Your test paper is marked automatically and you can retake your test as many times as you like without extra charge
  • 11. You don't have to memorise the massage techniques before the practical traning
  • Step 2 - Preparation

  •   Attend your practical training day/s. Bring along your massage model on the day of training. This can be a friend or family member.
      Make sure that both yourself and your massage model have no contraindications listed in our terms and conditions.
      You will be taught all of the techniques for this therapy and will receive a full treatment yourself at the end of the training day.
      Once you have passed the theory test paper and practical assessment your Diploma will be posted to you within 5 working days.

    More about SOLO training
    • 1. You need to bring along a massage model
    • 2. Our teachers are some of the best in the UK
    • 3. Our teacher will guide you slowly through each of the techniques in detail until you understand how do it properly
    • 4. You will receive a full treatment yourself at the end of the training day
    • 5. There is no practical test; instead we assess your understanding of the techniques during the practical training day
    • 6. When you have passed both theory test and practical assessment your Diploma is posted to you usually within 5 working days


Step 3 - Starting Up In BUsiness

  Before offering therapy to the public we encourage you to practice upon family and friends until you become confident. You can also opt to attend a refresher course and receive a huge discount.
  Then obtain therapist insurance from Westminster Indemnity or the GHT.
  Now you are fully qualified and insured to deliver this therapy professionally.

Help and advice
  • 1. Practice your therapy techniques upon family and friends until you become confident
  • 2. Refer to our YouTube channel and view each of the techniques in detail... it's a great visual reminder
  • 3. You can also return for practical refresher sessions with your teacher
  • 4. We also provide guidance on how to set-up in business as part of therapist business course
  • 5. Once you have been in business for 3 months you can join our referral scheme where we can refer clients and help generate work for you
Still got questions about our courses?

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